Circuit and layout design

CAD - Circuit diagram

The Hensel Elektronik GmbH is your reliable partner in the design of circuits and layouts, as well as other services, such as the PLD / FPGA programming.

With our dedicated staff, extensive experience and our high quality standard according to DIN ISO 9001-2008, we are able to realize your ideas from concept to finished circuit. The starting point for this may be a simple sketch or existing circuit diagrams from other CAD systems. Possibly existing data like networks, component names and values​​, pin assignments etc are prepared for further processing.

This offers the following advantages:

  •  Consistent data base for the subsequent layout designs
  •  Straightforward incorporation of changes and further developments of the circuit
  •  Proper documentation including lists of parts

CAD - Layout

The layout design will be developed according to your specifications. With our CAD system EAGLE we create production-ready layouts for single-sided and multilayer boards, complex microcontroller circuits with analog components as well as leaded or SMD PCBs. These are based on documents of the client, such as circuit diagram, list of parts, dimensional drawings of the PCB with details of constraints or data already compiled for you by the Hensel Elektronik. The layout is disentangled with in compliance with the EMC guidelines and taking into account all client specifications. After completion and approval of the layout, the production data of the printed circuit board will be transferred to you.