Workflow in development projects

At Hensel Elektronik all workflow in development projects runs according to a four-phase model. Thus, all steps are scheduled and predictable:

Four-phase model

Phase I: Preliminary development

  • Business and development proposal
  • Assisting in the preparation of functional specifications
  • Coordination of specifications

Phase II: Detailed concept

  • Predevelopment
  • Assembling of models
  • "80% circuit"                       
  • Prototyping the user interface

Phase III: alpha version

  • Realization and release of the alpha version (laboratory version)
  • Coding of the software
  • Prototype
  • Testing and release of the laboratory version

Phase IV: Beta version

  • Qualification of the manufacturing process under production conditions
  • Release for series manufacturing
  • Implementation and field observation
  • Trial operation and user training